Distortions – Vääristymiä

Distortions, animated film, 6 min, 2007

Distortions is a short animated film about psychosis and suicidal thoughts which lead to self-destructive behaviour. It’s a journey into a disoriented, isolated and blocked mind. The story focuses on a woman, who is imprisoned by her irrational fears, surreal thoughts and hallucinations. Mentally ill people often feel outcast and alienated by the prejudice of the majority of people. They are bound to be misunderstood. The concept of normality creates otherness. It’s easier to escape into loneliness than to talk about mental problems, because they’ve remained a taboo, and talking about them is difficult, because they are still considered something to be ashamed of. Mystifying psychosis is unnecessary. Distortions makes this hidden and obscure state visible.

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