The Forgotten

The Forgotten, installation / work in progress, 2008>

The Forgotten are young adults, their age ranges from 13-14-year old teens to fourty-year-olds. The work is based on statistical information on suicides in Finland between the years 1990-2005.  Even today, nothing has changed – actually, the situation gets worse, as society saves money by decreasing the funding of social services and public mental heatlh care.

The installation is a conceptual memorial for a group of young adults, who have killed themselves as a result of medicalisation and insufficient therapy. Many people get prescriptions instead of therapy, as the Western medicine concentrates on corporate profits instead of patients being treated as individuals.

Mourning is a process that needs to be completed. A work of art can be a conceptual memorial for those who have lost someone to suicide. The work itself consists of brown medicine bottles, that are filled with ashes – this reminds us of urns. The “urns” are on display in white medicine closets. The medicine bottles contain small etiquettes which hold information of the fictional deceased. The persons’ reasons to kill themselves are written on the labels with the fictional birth dates of the dead.

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